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lol until I came to tumblr I didn’t know Kisumi was a character’s name so I was very confused on why Makoto said kiss me and then everybody started saying kiss me kiss me kissmekissmekiss… yeah this happened

Detailed fanaccount of Taemin's teary moments at the fanmeet


First of all you need to understand the past few days have been bery very emotional. Every time we go to a recording Taem just has this look on his face like he’s saying Is this all for me? The support he’s receiving here is immense and he knows it. We didn’t know it was gonna…


Things I love about my bias(5/10) Personally I love when he is being teased or ignored, don’t ask me why.




im not even a shawol but theres a gifset of kim jonghyun draped over a bandmate’s lap and he’s about to kiss a puppy and the puppy comes closer but he engULFS ITS ENTIRE FACE INTO HIS /MOUTH/ IM SO BEWILDERED WHAT IS HE ON



explain this

what did you expect from someone who

eats confetti


and dances like this?


i’m… really confused… as to what’s going on here…

[HQ] Seo In Guk for InStyle
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[MAGAZINE] Lee Soo Hyuk – 1st Look Korea Magazine Vol.69 974x1400


if you don’t know what my voice sounds like you should keep it that way for your own sake

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